Tucker Carlson: Kamala Harris seems like most secular candidate ever to run for national office


Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris’s claim of being a “person of faith.”

Harris said Wednesday that she and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden were people of faith after Vice President Mike Pence chided critics of President Trump’s third Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, for her Catholic faith. On Thursday, Carlson blasted the claim as a tactic of identity politics used to win elections.

“First of all, Joe Biden and I are both people of faith. And it’s insulting to suggest that we would knock anyone for their faith,” Harris said at the vice presidential debate on Wednesday.

“Oh, come on. A person of faith now? How? What exactly does Kamala Harris worship apart from power? Honestly, we’d like to know. If you know, tell us,” Carlson said. “She seems like the most secular candidate ever to run for national office. That’s not an attack on her, by the way. Plenty of decent secular people. But it’s true. Not that truth matters in this case.”

“For the purposes of last night’s debate, Kamala Harris identified as a person of faith, and that’s all that matters. The progressive Left understands race and gender, and yes, religious faith, as means to an end. They’re identities. They don’t have independent meanings. They’re tools used to win arguments and achieve power.”

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