The debate that was not a debate at all


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Charlotte, NC – President Trump and Joe Biden met on the “debate” stage on Tuesday night in the first of three scheduled debates. From the start of the debate, it was a fiery show, but it was far from a debate. There are several takeaways that we must consider.

First, the debate is almost exactly what everyone expected. President Trump came out attacking the points that his base has argued. He argued the blame for coronavirus on China. He argued his record in the response of coronavirus, and he was direct in his arguments against Biden’s record.

He spoke about Biden’s racist crime bill. He shared how Biden had 47 years in office but did not address many of the things he said that Trump should have fixed in his four-year term. President Trump also had pointed attacks and questions about Hunter Biden.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, continually dodged questions in the debate. He had pointed accusations against President Trump, which Trump quickly refuted. He transitioned every discussion back to President Trump, wanting the debate to be about the President instead of policy.

Biden also had some pointed comments about President Trump as well. He called President Trump a clown. He said that President Trump was the worst President in US history. He even told President Trump to shut up at one point when he was visibly frustrated.

Chris Wallace was also heavily criticized by many across social media. In many instances, he was pointed in his questions to Trump but did not do the same to Joe Biden. At times, he did seem to step in to save Joe Biden when Trump was pressing Biden for answers.

Wallace struggled to maintain control of the event many times. He was pointed in his talks about President Trump, calling him down for interrupting. Many conservatives brought up that he failed to do the same thing to Joe Biden. It did seem that Wallace was very soft to Biden.

In the end, the debate did not tell us anything that we did not know. It was mostly filled with personal attacks and the appearance of two children arguing in a sandbox. Trump probably did not appeal to the moderate or independents like he would have hoped.

That said, I think Trump planted some doubts about Biden that could benefit him long term. The benefits may come as more investigations into the corruption take place. Former FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to testify before Congress this week.

Biden did nothing to counter President Trump. President Trump was exactly what we expected, but Joe Biden did not appear aggressive or strong as a leader. While President Trump may not have won over those moderate or independent voters, Biden certainly did nothing to convince them he is ready to lead.

I talk more about the Presidential debate in my latest podcast episode. You can find a link to the episode below to hear more about my thoughts about the first Presidential debate.

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The debate that was not a debate at all

The first of three scheduled Presidential debates happened on Tuesday night, and it did not disappoint. We expected some fiery exchanges, deeply personal attacks, but there were a few surprises.  President Trump came out swinging immediately in the debate. He did not give anyone time to settle in, and it caught both Joe Biden and moderator Chris Wallace off guard.

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