The battle in Pennsylvania is not over!


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Philadelphia, PA – On Monday, Real Clear Politics turned some heads as they decided to remove the assignment of Pennsylvania to Joe Biden. Mainstream media outlets had awarded Biden the win over the weekend and assigned him the 20 electoral votes from the state. It seems they have had a change of heart.

The site has yet to call North Carolina, Georgia, Alaska and Arizona as well, clearly showing that President Trump still has the opportunity to win the election. Despite what the mainstream media is telling you.

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Some saying it was never called… Hold the phone.

If Trump were to win those states, he would win 65 electoral college votes. This would give him 279 votes total as well as the election win. This is not what the mainstream media and liberal left want you to hear.

Pennsylvania lawmakers agree that the election is not over in their state. Multiple lawmakers are involved in efforts to make sure votes are counted legally. Their efforts are not alone.

Multiple Republican state Attorney General’s have asked the Supreme Court to hear challenges to the legality of mail-in voting. Many states altered laws to allow more ballots to be accepted and counted, many without going through appropriate processes. Attorney General Barr has also advised the Justice Department to become involved if necessary.

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