Jimmy Kimmel says Mike Pence does not deserve COVID vaccine and should drink Clorox instead


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Charlotte, NC — In the latest edition of ridiculous things from Jimmy Kimmel, he suggests that Vice President Mike Pence does not deserve a COVID-19 vaccine. He says that Pence should simply drink Clorox, something that would most likely result in the death of Mike Pence.

Kimmel made the comments on Friday night on his late-night show. He berated Mike Pence for being a man of morals and standards, something that Kimmel should take note of given his past.

Kimmel then called Mike Pence the Vice poodle as he continued to berate the Vice President for the first couple of minutes of his monologue. Not only were his comments childish and disrespectful, it shows just how difficult comedy has become for Kimmel.

You can see his statements about Mike Pence in the video below that start around 31 seconds into the video.

Apparently, Kimmel believes that this type of berating comedy is hilarious when it is nothing short of childish. Kimmel continues to lack the comedy necessary to bring in American viewers.

Ratings are what matters in late-night television, and Kimmel continues to struggle. Each time new rankings come out, Kimmel ranks last among the late-night television shows.

In some ratings earlier this year, he ranked behind Adult Swim, sexual-themed cartoon programming that targets adults from Cartoon Network. Yes, a cartoon show is more entertaining according to Americans than Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel’s comments continue to highlight the intolerance of the left for anyone that holds conservative values. To the left, the world is better off without morals, values, and conservatives.

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