Hemingway: We Should Pray, Avoid Unnecessary Hysteria In Reacting To Trump COVID-19 News


Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway responded to the news of President Donald Trump and the first lady’s positive coronavirus diagnosis on “Fox and Friends” Friday morning, noting she was “genuinely disappointed” to see many people cheering and responding to the news with glee.

“I was disappointed — genuinely disappointed — to see the glee with which some people responded to this news,” Hemingway said, referring to a number of political figures and verified Twitter users tweeting comments such as, “I hope he dies.”

Hemingway said there is a proper way to respond to this news, which includes prayer and avoiding unnecessary hysteria.

For people who pray, it is a good time to pray. You should be praying for your world leaders, your leader of your country every day, but this is a good time to do it,” she said. “It is also important that people not be hysterical when they don’t have reason to be hysterical, and that works for people no matter their perspective.”

Hemingway noted that although the virus can be dangerous and is one you would not wish on anyone, it’s important to look at the facts about the majority of people who do test positive.

“People need to have really an accurate, fact-based perspective, rather than responding as if it’s more dramatic than it is,” she said.

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