Giants’ Golden Tate addresses wild Jalen Ramsey brawl


Golden Tate didn’t want to start Round 2.

In his first comments since a family feud with Jalen Ramsey spilled into a Giants-Rams fight at the end of last week’s game, Tate did not address any of the specifics that led to the chaos.

“I don’t even want to backpedal and discuss that because I don’t think going back there is going to help us this week,” Tate said. “I really don’t want to draw any more attention or put any more highlights out there that don’t have anything to do with [their next game against] Dallas.”

Asked if he regrets anything that happened, Tate took a deep sigh and replied, “Next question.”

Ramsey is the father of two of Tate’s young nieces but broke off a relationship with Tate’s sister while she was pregnant with the ex-couple’s second child. The perceived disrespect — combined with Ramsey’s big hit on Tate during the game — had emotions running high when they met at midfield.

No video of the incident has been publicized anywhere, but Giants coach Joe Judge said it is the position of Tate and his teammates that Ramsey threw the first punch and Tate was protecting himself. Tate “is not sure what’s going to happen” as far as the NFL’s investigation into discipline.

“My sister and I talked about it in detail, but that was it,” Tate said. “I want to move forward to this week because that’s what’s important.”

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