Does your iPhone charger need an upgrade? Shop these 26 Lightning cable deals


It wasn’t long ago that Apple released its newest iPhone 12, and in a matter of 24 hours, nearly 2 million units were sold. If you were one of those shoppers, right about now, you’re eyeing up some of the cooler accessories like cases and grips to your shopping cart. But may we also suggest stocking up on the humble Lightning cable, too?

An iPhone, after all, is only as good as its charging cable. A top-notch one can quickly power up your smartphone and can do so without fear of damaging your device in the process. And many premium models boast extra added benefits, like durable braided cords that can prevent fraying.

Better yet, all 26 chargers on our list also come with a newly reduced price tag. Ahead, iPhone users can shop a variety of Lightning chargers at up to 70% off their typical price tag.

Triton 3-in-1 Cable, now on sale for $9.99 

What’s better than one charging cable? Three charging cables, of course. The Triton Cable provides USB, micro USB, and Lightning connections so that you can charge multiple devices at once.

ZinCable Ultra-Strong MFi-Certified Lightning Cable, now on sale for $19.99

Your charger is only as good as the cable it is connected to. And in the case of ultra-strong MFi-Certified cables, ZinCable is hard to fault. It has been rigorously tested to withstand over 30,000 bends and over 10,00 plugs and unplugs in its lifetime and touts itself as ten times more durable than the standard charging cord.

JunoPower Kaebo Braided Anti-Tear Charging Cable: 3-Pack, now on sale for $13.99 

If you’re looking for multiple durable chargers, you’re in luck: This three-pack of nylon braided cables (which can withstand a decent amount of bending, twisting, and pulling) is now on sale for 53% off.

MOS Spring Lightning Cable (White/3ft), now on sale for $12.99 

Unlike Apple’s freebie charger that comes along with your smartphone or iPad purchase, the MOS Spring Lightning Cable comes with a scratch-resistance surface, a braided steel cord, and a spring that helps the charger bounce back (literally) when you accidentally yank it.

Nylon Braided iPhone Lightning Cable, now on sale for $9.99

If your goal is to power up your iPhone and do so fast, then you’ll want to have the Nylon Braided iPhone Lightning Cable on your desk or nightstand. This certified MFi, UL-FCC-CE safe device can supercharge your device, all while ensuring it is protected from surging at the same time.

ZeroLemon MFi-Certified 6.4Ft USB-C PD to Lightning Cable, now on sale for $13.99 

ZeroLemon’s six-foot-plus cord allows users to juice up their iPhone or iPad from 0 percent all the way up to 50% battery in as little as 30 minutes from their MacBook Pro devices.

GO-TOUGH Reinforced MFi Lightning Cable, now on sale for $24.99 

Never leave your charger exposed again with the Reinforced MFi Lighting Cable from GO-Touch. It comes with a heavy-duty PET cable that protects its wiring, as well as a rubber cover that ensures your Lightning connector is safely stowed away when not in use.

10-Ft Cloth MFi-Certified Lightning Cable, now on sale for $14.99 

One of the longest charging cables on our list comes from trusted brand Aduro. Its cloth cable measures up to 10 feet (!), meaning you can charge and use your phone even if you’re far from the nearest outlet.

Crave 4Ft Apple MFi to USB Cable, now on sale for $14.99 

When shopping for a new cable, you must look for an MFi Certified option, like this $14.99 design from Crave. These devices have been backed by Apple to ensure fast and safe charging to your iPhones and iPads.

Chargeworx NYLOTuff 6Ft MFi Lightning Cable: 2-Pack, now on sale for $27.99 

We’re big fans of the sleek metallic finish on Chargeworx’s NYLOTuff braided cable. Plus, right now, this aesthetically pleasing charger is on sale for $27.99, a savings of 30% off its retail price tag.

PLUGiES CURVES: Stainless Steel Zinc Alloy Cable (Lightning), now on sale for $7.99 

Thanks to its stainless-steel exoskeleton, the PLUGiES cord protects the charger from bending, breaking, fraying, and ultimately ending up in the trashcan after a few weeks of use. Pretty good for a $7.99 charger, right?

Incipio Lightning Cable 3ft to USB Charging and Sync Cable 1m for iPhone X / 8 / 8 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus – White, now on sale for $14.99 

When it comes to chargers, more is more. After all, you’ll want one in your car, one at your office desk, and one near your nightstand so that you can charge no matter where you are. Luckily, Incipio’s three-foot cable is on sale for half off, meaning you can get two of these tech accessories for the price of one.

Apple Lightning to USB Cable for iPhone, iPod & iPad (1m), now on sale for $12.99 

If you’re a brand name lover, Apple’s signature Lighting-to-USB cable is on sale now, too. For a limited time only, you can add the iPhone-, iPod-, and iPad-compatible charging cord to your shopping cart for 35% off.

Apple Lightning to USB Cable (0.5 m), now on sale for $13.99 

Although half the traditional cable’s size, this 0.5-meter Apple charger still packs the same powerful punch. Plus, its pint-sized design means it can easily slip into your purse or back pocket for easy charging while on the move.

Apple Lightning to USB Cable (2 Pack), now on sale for $19.99

With this discounted two-pack of Apple’s Original OEM Apple USB Lighting Cable, you can keep one cable by your office desk to plug directly into your monitor or laptop and one by your nightstand for overnight charging. Score!

Apple Lightning to USB Cable – (3 Pack), now on sale for $29.99 

And if two Apple charging cords aren’t enough, then this three-pack from Apple might fit the bill. Right now, shoppers can add the multipack to their online shopping cart for a reasonable $29.99

Lightning to USB Cable for iPhone, iPod 2 meter Length Cable, now on sale for $12.99 

Usually, you won’t find the words “Apple” and “sale” in the same sentence, but thanks to this 60% off deal, we think today is your lucky day. Apple device owners can enjoy this extra-long Apple charger (which is double the length of its typical charger) for a mere $12.99

iPhone Lightning to USB Cable 2M (6 feet), now on sale for $12.99 

Enjoy ultra-fast charging on your iPhone, iPad, or iPad courtesy of this six-foot Lightning cable from Apple (now $12.99). What are you waiting for?

Incipio Lightning Charger & Sync Cable – Black, now on sale for $12.99 

Leave it to Incipio to master the art of the charging cable. Not only is this now-$12.99 design tangle-free, but it can charge fast, sync data, resist fraying, and feel soft to the touch.

CharbyEdge Pro 6-in-1 Universal Cable, now on sale for $24.99 

The CarbyEdge is by far the most versatile charger on our list. It boasts six different connectors (compatible with Apple, USB-C, Android ports) in a single design, allowing you to plug in your laptop, power bank, and smartphone all at once.

3ft Magnetic Fidget Cable (Black/3-Pack), now on sale for $46.99 

The highly-organized among us will appreciate the tidiness a magnetic cable can provide. Any unused portion of it can be neatly coiled backup and snap into place while not in use.

Logiix Sync & Charge Anti-Stress MFi Lightning Cable, now on sale for $21.95 

What’s more stressful than your iPhone running low on battery when you only have a cable on hand that constantly goes in and out of charging? Not much, it turns out. Prevent this by replacing your current cord with Logiix’s, which can provide continuous charging without fear of fraying or breakage.

Piston Connect Braid 360: 5ft MFi Lightning Cable, now on sale for $29.95

Want some color in your life? Piston is offering eight different hues of its Connect Braid 360, including a bright turquoise and shimmery gold, for 14% off.

Piston Connect Mini 11.8″ MFi Lightning Cable, now on sale for $21.95

Perfect for commuters, the LOGiix Piston Connect Mini plugs your mobile device directly into your portable power bank for on-the-go, tangle-free charging.

Piston Connect XL 90: 10Ft MFi Lightning Cable, now on sale for $34.95

On the other side of the spectrum is the Piston Connect XL, a whopping 10-foot cable. Plus, this ingenious design comes with a 90-degree connector, which can withstand everyday wear and tear with complete ease.

Sync & Charge Jolt MFi Lightning Cable, now on sale for $24.95

Charging and data transfer speeds are faster with this Jolt MFi-certified 4.9-foot dual-function flexible-housing cable.

Prices subject to change.

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